About Truth Aquatics

The Truth Aquatics liveaboard fleet, moored in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, caters to divers or ocean enthusiasts seeking a stress-free getaway. From those with an interest in lobster diving, underwater cinematography, or hiking, guests aboard Truth Aquatics are wonderfully diverse.

Scuba diving the Channel Islands is not the only activity to enjoy. There’s also ocean kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, island hiking, whale watching, sunbathing and fishing. See our calendar for the different types of trips scheduled. Experience them all, or just a few, the choice is yours, and if you consider eating an activity to enjoy then you won’t be disappointed. The Galley crew serves up some of the best meals you will find anywhere! Truth Aquatics well trained and knowledgeable crew are committed to making your trip an enjoyable one.

Unlike many dive operations along the California coast, the Truth Aquatics fleet has been custom designed specifically for diving. Most other dive operations are comprised of vessels that have been converted from some previous use.

Each Truth Aquatics vessel displays the thought made in the design, layout, and amenities. In 1998 Truth Aquatics began working with the Channel Islands National Park to provide hiking trips and it was then that it was discovered how well the boats worked for this use. For detailed information about the Truth Aquatics dive boats, please see Fleet section of the site.

For over three decades, Truth Aquatics has been providing the best in scuba diving adventures in and around the Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary.

The next time you consider getting away for a few days of rest and relaxation, think about a liveaboard dive, or hike vacation to the Channel Islands. An alternative to the floating hotel-like atmosphere of cruise ships, this type of cruising offers a more intimate communion with the ocean and its creatures.