SSI Try Snorkeling Class

SSI Try Snorkeling Class

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Snorkeling program may be your first step in becoming a freediver or even a scuba diver.

Course Tuition: $25.00

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Oceans are the earth’s final frontier, as a snorkeler, you explore the wonders of an amazing underwater world, interact with incredible marine life, and discover ecosystems hidden beneath the surface. Get ready to take your first step in uncovering the mysteries of the deep with this lesson!

The SSI Snorkeling program may be your first step in becoming a freediver or even a scuba diver. Most people enjoy it so much that they enroll in a dive training program afterwards. The SSI Try Snorkeling program is your very first introduction to the underwater world. With just a swimsuit and towel brought from home, students will learn how to make the best of their adventure and how to properly use their equipment.

SSI-certified professionals teach students how to determine the proper fit of equipment, how to clear and defog their mask, and how to equalize air space. Students will practice freediving as well. All of this is done in the comfort of our indoor, heated pool that is always kept at a comfortable 92 degrees.Our goal is to make every step of your snorkeling experience all about comfort and confidence in the water. SSI Dive Professionals make learning come alive with personalized instruction that will put your skills to use in reality based training scenarios.

SSI's unique approach to training is known as “comfort through repetition” where practicing skills learned from each level, your actions will become second nature! Repetition ensures you retain what you've already learned, while continuing to learn more and getting the best experience in the water!Students will learn about the SSI Diver Diamond which is the cornerstone of our educational system. It emphasizes the critical components of a great scuba and snorkel education program: Proper Knowledge, Proper Skills, Proper Equipment, and Proper Experience.

The Diver Diamond is the foundation for the ultimate dive experience!SSI provides a quick and easy online tutorial that must be completed prior to class and can be done in the comfort of your own home through their website or SSI app. Along with this mandatory tutorial there is also an SSI Try Snorkeling form that must be filled out prior to class. This includes a medical questionnaire. If YES is put in any part of the questionnaire a medial release form must be filled out by doctor. Pool entry is not allowed without the tutorial and Try Snorkeling form completed. Private classes may be scheduled at an additional charge if current Try Snorkeling class dates do not fit students schedules.Required equipment: Students must provide their own swimsuit and towel. All other equipment including mask, snorkel, fins, will be provided, but students may bring their own if they wish.

  • Completed Training Record
  • Completed Privacy Statement and Medical History form.
  • Completed Statement of Understanding for Snorkeling.
  • Waiver and Release of Liability
  • Minimum Age: None

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