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U352 Submarine Excursion, North Carolina July 25-30, 2019

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U352 Submarine Excursion, North Carolina July 25-30, 2019

$799.00 - per-person based on double occupancy.

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$799.00 - per-person based on lodging in divers lodge.

 PLUS Airfare and Transportation

Includes: 3 days of 2 tank diving and 5 nights of lodging in divers lodge (each dive is on a different wreck and additional shark dive) 

Nitrox is Included 

North Carolina diving is best known for its large collection of shipwrecks and sand tiger sharks and of course the German submarine U-352.


Type: Type VIIC German U-boat
Size: 218' x 20' x 15'
History: Kapitänleutnant Helmut Rathke and the U-352 departed St. Nazaire, France on 7 April 1942 as part of Operation Paukenschlag (Drumbeat), Hitler's WWII assault on the US eastern seaboard. She arrived off the North Carolina coast in early May. Despite firing a total of 6 torpedoes, the U-352 failed to sink or disable any Allied vessels.

Sinking: On 9 May, the U-352 was spotted by USCG Icarus who fired 5 depth charges, severely damaging the vessel and forcing it to the surface. The Icarus continued to attack with its machine guns as the crew attempted to abandon ship. 17 crewmen were killed and the rest were taken to Charleston as prisoners of war. The U-352 sank with several crewmembers onboard.


Experience Level: Intermediate
Depth: 90-110 ft.
Visibility: Generally 40-70 feet
Summer Temperature: 75-80 degrees

Dive Notes: The U-352 has long secured its position as the most popular dive in North Carolina. Despite her corroded outer hull, she remains almost completely intact and, as such, is an impressive sight even for the most experienced wreck diver. Schooling baitfish and amberjacks hover above the wreck, and the hull is home to smaller fish, sponges, and coral. Rays and turtles are commonly sighted. Penetration is strongly discouraged.



Some of the other wrecks we expect to visit on this trip are,


With its swirling bait fish, resident school of spade fish, patrolling pelagics, and popularity with sand tiger sharks, the Spar has emerged as one of North Carolina's most popular dives. The wreck is also relatively shallow, fully intact, and penetrable, making it the ideal site for new, as well as experienced, wreck divers.

USS Aeoulus:

 The Aeolus is a popular second dive on a full-day charter. She is home to the full array of offshore marine life, including sand tiger sharks that can often be found inside the cable storage compartment. Take note, however, that the wreck is in 3 pieces making navigation potentially difficult, especially in lower visibility. The Aeolus does offer limited penetration 


The Caribsea is one of two sites on the east side of Cape Lookout shoals. Though wire dragged by the US Navy, parts of the ship remain partially intact with the windlass and anchors still visible. A relatively shallow site, she makes for a longer dive and is suitable for newer divers. Sand tiger sharks are typically present in large numbers, often swimming higher in the water column as well as on the wreck itself. 

USS Indra:

The wreck of the Indra is home to a variety of marine life. During late summer, it is not uncommon to see tropical fish such as yellow tang or damselfish. Octopi and eels are often found hiding under and around the wreckage. Before sinking the ship, large holes were cut into the sides to allow for access, making it easy to penetrate.  



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North Carolina once again ranked # 1 in North America for Top Dive Destination, Top Marine Life, Top Big Animal Encounters and Top Wreck Diving.  North Carolina diving also ranked 3rd in North America for Top Value and Top Advanced Diving as reported in the Readers Choice Surveys conducted and published by Scuba Diving Magazine. 

Known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic, there are numerous WW II ships that fell victim to enemy vessels as well as the German Sub, U-352, sunk by U.S. Forces.  In total, there are over 28 wrecks that you can dive, including a WW I cruiser, Ocean liners, fish trawlers and many more wrecks for you to rediscover.  There are also several artificial reefs, to include large ships and aircraft creating new fish habitats and fresh diving experiences. 

During the Summer, due to the proximity of the Gulf Stream, Beaufort has warm, clear waters with temperatures in the low 80’s and visibility often over 100 feet. They have large schools of pelagic fish, tropical fish, corals and a wreck (The Papoose) that is one of the premier shark dives in North America taken from :https://diveindustrynews.net/2013/08/17/discovery-diving-your-world-class-warm-water-wreck-diving-headquarters/

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