Seasoft Hunter Accessory Pocket

Seasoft Hunter Accessory Pocket

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The SEASOFT HUNTR Accessory Pocket - your tough friend when you need to take stuff with you, protects you and your stuff!

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We have had spear-fishers, photographers and others ask us to develops a sleek, strong easy to use accessory pocket. Introducing the SEASOFT "HUNTER" Accessory Pocket. The HUNTER Accessory Pocket is perpect for holding spearheads, lens caps and other accessories on any dive. What really makes the HUNTER Accessory Pocket unique is the fact that it has TWO hard plastic plates - one at the back and one for the front, sewn right into the pocket. This protects you from a wayward pear point and protects the products inside your pocket. It also gives the pocket a rigidity not found in other pockets and you may very well find yourself buying an extra one once you receive your first HUNTER Accessory Pocket. It's huge yet compact and measures 7" wide x 5" tall x 2 1/4" Deep. It slides onto any 1.5" to 2" webbing and uses the hefty #10 size zipper for longevity and ease of use. There are also 2 grommets to amount a knife for extra utility.
  • Perfect Size - 7" W x 5" H x 2.25" D and weighs a mere 4 oz.
  • Nickel-plated grommets allow for mounting of a dive knife.
  • #10 Zipper is large, robust, reliable and easy to use.
  • The entire pocket is built for longevity and ease of use with plastic plates in the front and back.
  • A 2" weight belt webbing loop on the back allows it to be mounted onto any 1.5" or 2" webbing.
  • The pocket is sewn with heavy duty thread and is constructed in the USA of Dupont 1000 CORDURA heavy weight fabric.

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