Scubapro Mantis 1 (M1) Dive Computer

Scubapro Mantis (M1) Dive Watch Computer

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A totally customized dive computing system

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Every dive, and every diver, is unique. That's why a "personal" dive computer needs to be just that -- personal. Not a one-size-fits-all instrument that delivers the same basic computations regardless of whether it's being used by a 25-year-old dive instructor or a 55-year-old novice diver carrying a couple extra pounds around the waist.
  • All dive computer algorithms factor in depth, bottom time and gas mix to calculate deco time.
  • These enable the adaptive algorithm to adjust for each diver's experience level, age and physical conditioning.
  • Heart Rate Monitor by visually monitoring your heart rate you can better assess your workload - real time - and promptly react to heightened stress or over -exertion.
  • This patent-pending feature provides yet another aspect of your physiology that can be factored into the workload algorithm.
  • Can be a valuable aid when exercising or lap swimming in shallow water.
  • Targeted to certified air (open water and above) and nitrox divers, in addition to closed circuit rebreather divers using a fixed PPO2.
  • Casing is built from the highest marine grade 316L stainless steel with a two-toned brushed finish that both protects and looks great.
  • Magnetic control buttons eliminate the need for holes, maintaining the casing's watertight integrity and maximizing mechanical reliability.
  • Data is presented with easy-to-read alphanumeric characters and graphics and intuitive menu system.
  • USB data interface (with dongle) is both PC and Mac compatible using LogTRAK software. An Android LogTRAK app is also available..
  • CR2032 user replaceable battery is rated for two years or 300 dives.
  • .Includes full topside time-keeping functions plus a chronograph with lap memory for running.
  • Four Dive Modes-Deco, Gauge, Apnea and CCR-plus a Swim Mode offer maximum data crunching versatility on land, on the surface and under water.
  • Dive Modes function to a maximum operating depth of 394ft/120m.
  • UWATEC ZHL-8 Predictive Multi-Gas (PMG) algorithm allows divers to carry high oxygen concentration mixes (21-100%) in addition to their primary breathing gas.

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