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Franko Maps Oahu Guide Map

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Franko's Oahu Guide Map, With Things to See and Do is a guide and a map of the island of Oahu all in one! Side two features Waikiki and the Oahu South Shore. The guide map contains loads of information telling you what there is to see and do on Oahu and in Waikiki

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With a view of the whole island, it's mountain ranges shown in beautiful green shaded relief, as well as it's freeways and major roads, plus creeks, trails and things to see or places to go, this map captures the very essence of Oahu. If you love Oahu, want to go there or want the best souvenir, you have to have this map! The ocean waters are shown in beautiful shades of tropical ocean blue, indicating ocean depth contours. This includes Oahu's fabulous ocean sports, especially its world famous surfing spots. To the southeast corner of the island, near Hanauma Bay, the map student will find Sandy Beach, famous for it's body-whomping heavy shorebreak, which commonly ruins a few unwary tourists' vacations. Even though the map shows this attractive Oahu beach, you might want to stay out of the water! Around the map there are several photos showing the beauty that is Oahu. Side 2 is actually the original side 1 of this map, because Waikiki, which is mapped and detailed here, is such an important and huge part of Oahu tourism and activity. This side of the map includes Franko's Map of Waikiki and Oahu South Shore Details. The entire South Shore from Honolulu to Makapu'u Head, Oahu's easternmost point, is shown so that the viewer can get a close-up view of the island topography, including Diamond Head Crater. This map of Waikiki is the very best there is. On the Oahu South Shore detail there is a needed bonus - exactly how to get to Waikiki from the freeway. Just in case the picture does not suffice, beneath the side 2 title block is the caption Directions In & Out of Waikiki. That ought to help! If you look closely, you will also find that the South Shore of Oahu has a number of trails for the hikers. This is true with side 1 of the map as well. There are something like 5 dozen captions informing you about what there is to see and do in Waikiki and on Oahu's South Shore on side 2 of this map. There are about that many again on side 1 of the map.
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