Mares Hybrid MKS BC Scuba Package - Men's

Mares Hybrid MKS BC Scuba Package - Men's

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Mares Hybrid MKS BC, Abyss 22 Reg, Air Control Octo, Aeris XR-1 Dive Computer


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Mares Hybrid MKS BC

Hybrid represents the apex of Mares BC product development. Thanks to features such as a completely detachable harness and aircell, seamless shoulder straps and special padding around the wings of the back pack, we have reached an unparalleled maximization of comfort, fit, stability and lift.

Mares Abyss 22 Regulator

Abyss has long been a staple name in high performance, and now it is available with the elite first stage MR22: the best for a unique high caliber set up. The design of Abyss second stage has evolved, now with more metal on the front cover and a special perforated hose protector, to achieve even further dependability in the most difficult diving conditions.

Mares Air Control Integrated Octopus

The evolution of the species? Now its no longer a problem: Air Control! The new mares alternative air source, offers the option to use the same hose for the octopus and the inflator. The pre-oriented mouthpiece makes it usable as a quick and easy octopus. The cover features the mesh-grid system, made of soft material so the purge button is easy to push, even when wearing gloves. It complies with EC standards and can be assembled easily on any inflator hose.

Aeris XR-1 NX Dive Computer

The XR-1 Nx is as versatile underwater as it is topside. Upon starting your dive, the XR-1 NX will simply display your current depth and how long you can stay there (Dive Time Remaining). While many divers have asked for such simplicity and ease of use, you know that with all the XR-1 Nx's features, there must be more - and there is. Simply press the button to see more information. Is this information important to you on a full time basis? Leave it there. Just want to check it and then move on to another display? You can do that too. It's up to you and your new XR-1 NX.


  • Mares Hybrid MKS BC
  • Mares Abyss 22 Regulator
  • Mares Air Control Integrated Octopus
  • Aeris XR-1 NX Scuba Dive Computer

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