Socorro Island Dive Trip June 17-27, 2017

Socorro Island Dive Trip June 17-27, 2017

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Socorro Island Dive Trip June 17-27, 2017


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Special Benefits Free nitrox, $50 bar tab and $20 gift store credit! Welcome aboard Nautilus’ luxurious and ISM safety certified ships. Their crew of men and women from around the world love the ocean as much as you do. Join us for incredible big animal encounters with the bonus of stabilized modern steel ships, spacious staterooms, hot tub and great food. The giant pacific mantas which you will meet at Socorro are the largest of the rays and we believe they are the most majestic creatures in the ocean. They swim by moving their wing-like pectoral fins, which can grow up to 7 meters wide, but usually average about 5 – 6 meters. At Socorro, these giants choose to interact with divers! They come in very close – less than 1 meter! – make eye contact with you and then swim along beside you – totally on their terms. What is even more extraordinary is that the local population of bottlenose dolphins have learned to mimic the behavior of the giant mantas. It is very likely that these wild dolphins will also move in close and intimate to divers during your trip. Bait ball season! Socorro is all about amazing interaction with our favourite giant mantas. No other mantas in the world behave like this. Research indicates that there are more giant mantas and more biomass at Socorro during bait ball season than any other time of year. Everything intensifies with more sharks – including schooling silky sharks – schooling hammerheads, whale sharks, lots of tuna and other pelagic fish and even pilot whales.

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